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Sessions are offered in person in Ottawa or virtually via phone or video

Working towards feeling your best and enjoying a healthy lifestyle is a journey that encompasses finding a balance between your body, mind, and spirit. In working together, I create a custom plan to help you make changes through nutritious whole foods, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Delia Mota, Ottawa Holistic NutritionistI believe in biochemical individuality and that each person has their own nutrition and lifestyle needs. One-on-one nutritional consultations will be tailored to your unique needs to help you achieve your health goals in the fastest and most sustainable way.

You will complete a comprehensive Holistic Wellness Questionnaire that will help identify nutritional and body system imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms or conditions affecting your health.

I work with both children and adults and you can find more details on my approach in working with children here.

A lot of my research focuses on cognitive health. I often work with clients to help support conditions like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, cognitive decline, brain fog, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I also love working with clients who simply want to learn how to fuel their brain. It can range from individuals who want to increase their mental performance in the workplace or those who want reduce their risk of cognitive decline, especially if it runs in the family.  I also love working with parents who want guidance on raising happy and healthy kids. Nutrition is one of the best defences to achieve optimal health.

Below are some of the common symptoms seen in clients I work with.

ADD/ADHD – Hyperactivity – Anxiety – Lack of focus – Lack of concentration – Dementia – Food allergies – Food sensitivities – Depression  – Forgetfulness – Mood swings –  Brain fog – Sleep issues  – Inflammation – Skin conditions – Indigestion – Bloating – Constipation – Diarrhea – Intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) – Bowel disorders

Not sure if it’s a right fit?

I offer a complimentary 15-minute discovery call so that we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions that you may have. Contact me here to book your call or ask me any questions.

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Introductory Consultation – 75 minutes

Prior to the appointment you will complete a comprehensive Holistic Wellness Questionnaire so that we can have an interactive discussion which reviews your wellness goals, symptoms, diet, lifestyle, emotional status, and medical history. I will provide you with an introductory personalized protocol that includes dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations that are specifically tailored to help you restore balance.

Price: $160 

Follow-up Appointment

Follow-up appointments are available to provide you with ongoing support whenever you need it. At each follow-up appointment we will review your progress and I will provide additional recommendations to help bring you closer to your health and wellness goals.


$75 for a 30-minute session

Starter Wellness Program 

This package is great for anyone starting out. It can be overwhelming to make all of the diet and lifestyle changes with just one session. For best results, I always recommend following a program. This will give you the tools and support you need to reach your goals, while saving money on a package rate. I will coach you through the process, provide ongoing guidance and recommendations at each follow-up appointment. Together we can work towards reaching your health and wellness goals!

The Starter Wellness Package includes:

  • 75-minute Introductory Consultation
  • 5 x 30-minute Follow-up Appointments
  • Personalized nutrition plan with lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalized supplement recommendations
  • Open lines of communication in-between appointments
  • Custom recipe recommendations
  • Detailed explanations regarding your identified body system imbalances and your main health concerns
  • Supporting material to help you stay on track

Price: $460 – This package saves you $75, that’s one FREE session!

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